Pregnancy / Obstetric Ultrasound

1st Trimester Scans

Dating Scan

A dating scan may be performed from 6 weeks of pregnancy, with the optimal time being 8 weeks. It is used to confirm due dates, assess the viability of the pregnancy, check the number of embryos, provide maternal reassurance, and to rule out ectopic pregnancy (fetus developing outside of the womb).

Price: Free (for New Zealand residents)

Nuchal Translucency (NT) Scan

Following the dating scan, a Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan is usually performed around Week 12 of pregnancy but can generally be done between 11 weeks 4 days to 14 weeks 1 day. The NT scan is a screening test for early detection of Down Syndrome. Early fetal anatomy can also be assessed during this scan.  Our sonographers are accredited to perform Nuchal Screening.

A blood test is also done at Pathlab in conjunction with the ultrasound scan which is arranged through the patient’s Lead Maternity Carer (LMC).

PRICE: FREE (FOR NEW ZEALAND RESIDENTS) - $150 non nz resident

2nd trimester scans 

Anatomy Scan

Around week 20 of pregnancy, an Anatomy Scan is performed to rule out abnormalities that can be visualised with ultrasound imaging such as cleft lip, spina bifida, heart defects, and many other abnormalities. It is also used to check that the fetus size is within normal limits and record the location of the placenta. The gender of the fetus can also usually be established during this scan.

Price:$25 surcharge - $210 non nz resident

3rd Trimester Scans

Growth, LIQUOR, BIOPHYSICAL PROFILE Scan (referred by midwife or specialist)

Usually conducted from week 24 of pregnancy, the growth scan may be requested by your referrer  to check the baby’s growth by measuring its head, abdomen, and thigh bone. It is also used to assess the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby and record the position of the placenta.



We are pleased to offer the latest technology and offer 3D and 4D scanning to our patients.

What is 4D ultrasound?

4D is the fourth dimension in ultrasound when a 3D image has another dimension real time.  4D is the latest ultrasound technology. It takes many conventional 2D images, creates a surface rendered 3D image, and adds time to the process. The result is live action images of your baby.  4D ultrasound represents the difference between video and a still photograph. Through this revolutionary technology, your baby’s 3D image is continually updated providing a live action view. 

do we always get a good image of baby’s face?

Often a good image can be obtained, but not always. As with conventional 2D imaging, baby’s position, maternal size and the amount of amniotic fluid play a vital role in the quality of the picture. To get an ideal surface rendered image, the surface must only have fluid around it. If an arm is over the face or the face is up against the wall of the uterus, a good image may not be possible. 26 to 30 weeks is the ideal time for scanning as there is more amniotic fluid and the baby has developed some soft tissue about the face. 


To have a 3D/4D ultrasound to visualise your baby, you must be 25-30 weeks pregnant, and you must have had a full anatomy scan at 18-22 weeks. A referral is not necessary, bookings are essential. The cost is $150.00 for a 30 minute appointment and you will receive 3D (still images) on thermal paper, and still images and small movie clips (4D) will be sent to your cellphone and/or email address.

PRICE: $150